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At the Pericarditis Alliance, we are dedicated to the proper diagnosis and treatment of pericarditis. It is estimated that 5% of all patients visiting the emergency room with nonischemic chest pain in a given year are suffering from pericarditis.

Being diagnosed with pericarditis, or thinking you may have pericarditis, can be frightening and unsettling. For most, pericarditis will respond to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). To date, this is the standard protocol, but for some, additional treatments may be needed. For those diagnosed with chronic, complicated, or recurrent pericarditis it is so important to know where to turn at this difficult time.

We believe that knowledge is power, and through self-advocacy, comprehensive research and access to reliable resources, pericarditis patients can be empowered and supported in their healthcare journey.


There are Centers of Excellence for pericarditis in the United States. Two of these centers are the Cleveland Clinic and the Mayo Clinic. Both centers have outstanding resources available online for patients and caregivers to learn more about this disease. Identifying where to find the highest level of care in your area will require time and commitment. However, there are doctors nationwide who are specialists in the treatment of pericarditis.

It is also helpful to connect with others who are facing similar symptoms and diagnoses. We encourage you to visit the Inspire Pericarditis Community, an online forum providing support and inspiration for individuals with specific medical conditions.n how you can help!